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Think Offensive - Leverage OSQuery for Discovery and Enumeration

Expanding Our WinDBG Arsenal - Handleex Extension

A Brief Dive Into Windows Structured Exception Handling

Alternative to JMP ESP Instruction

Don't Go Phishing Blind, Watch While RunTime

Identify Weak Service Configuration With One Liner of Powershell

Automate the Reconnaissance Phase

Added RunAsPPL Check to Our PEN300 MSF Script

Taking Advantage of Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream for Quick Dirty Hacks

Make SharpRDP a Loadable .NET Assembly

A Class Helper for Metasploit Powershell Extension

Build an Atomic Windows Lab

Let's build a Python module in C

MichaƂ Bentkowski XSS Challenge

Delivering more than just presents: An Xmas story of self-XSS on

OverTheWire: Natas 0-10

Mr Robot Vulnhub Challenge Walkthrough

Bypass Content Security Policy framing restriction rule - OLX

Reflective XSS via angularJS template injection - Hostinger

Hello Blog ! My goals for 2018


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